Your Local Reviews
Virtually Everywhere!

Local Reviews are reviews you collect either in your place of business or on the go, using our wide assortment of review tools, including our iPhone Video Testimonial and Review app. Once a review is collected, we syndicate it to multiple strategic locations online to get you the most positive exposure possible when people search for you.

Multiply Every Review Up To 10x

No matter what type of local products or services you provide, Shopper Approved Local helps you to effortlessly collect reviews offline and then syndicate each one to up to 10 prime locations online, including Google, Yahoo and Bing Ad Networks, Google Organic Listings, CitySearch, Shopper Approved, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Easily Collect Reviews With The Right Tools

With Shopper Approved Local, you have the ability to collect customer reviews in a wide variety of ways, including print media, receipts, QR Codes, phone surveys, emails, and even streaming video from your phone or tablet. Never before has it been so easy for a local business to collect, manage and distribute customer reviews.

Display 5-Star Reviews On Your Website

Trusted 3rd party Merchant Ratings and Reviews from Shopper Approved are one of the most powerful sales tools you can add to your website. Shopper Approved merchant reviews can be added anywhere on your website with a simple line of code to give you the social proof you need to stand out from your competitors and make more sales.

Resolve Issues Privately Before Reviews Are Displayed.

For the first time ever, local merchants now have the ability to resolve customer issues before reviews are posted online. With our Customer Care system, whenever a customer leaves a bad review, you have the opportunity to open up a private dialogue to try and resolve their issue for 30 days before the review is posted.

It’s time to take your Local Reviews to a whole new level.