Track your Traffic

Half you traffic comes from Google, but what about the other half? Now you can track your traffic as it flows through all the major directories and social media outlets to your business all from one handy control panel.

Easy Reporting Dashboard

Our new Report Dashboard comes complete with all the stats and analytics information your business requires to move forward. Easy to understand reports are displayed so you never miss an important indicator. With customization functionality, easy to use filters and other important functions to track your traffic.

Once you know where your traffic is coming from, then you can focus your resources in that area!

What’s Important to You?

Want to remove the stuff that doesn’t matter? Want to only show the stuff that does? With our new filtering system, you can add only the options you want to see and keep track of. By keeping track of the stats that are important to you, you get to spend you time and resources only in the places that make you more money.

Track Your Listings

Find and Track Where Your Business Is Coming From